If You Don’t Brush ‘Em, We Don’t Want ‘Em!

When the evil Professor Black and Micron pack up to move their dirty dealings to Big City, the younger Toothfaireez, Missie, Alfie, Reego and Fitch, decide they need to totally modernize their operations using science, technology, advertising and marketing. With the help of Mayor Sparkle and the senior  members of the Toothfaireez to advise them, the youngsters move the operation into a tall skyscraper in Big City, on top of which is a large neon sign with the letters “TFZ” and a flashing message, “If you don’t brush ’em, we don’t want ’em!” The Toothfaireez evolve into a multi-national corporation, but one with a big heart. It’s their mission to teach children what’s needed to have better teeth, better health, and a happy life.

Professor Black and his genius assistant, Micron, are the eternal enemies of the Toothfaireez and the children of the world. Their company, called Sweeeeetz, makes a special candy that children love, but which rots their teeth faster than anything invented before. There’s bad blood between Professor Black and Mayor Sparkle who are real-life brothers. The professor wants to destroy the reputation of the Toothfaireez who are still trying to be the good guys and do the right thing inorld where profit is king. At night, the Toothfaireez travel around the world in Whoa-Jo! their super-jazzed up flying car, gathering healthy teeth from good children, and reward the children with money, toys and surprises. The first episode, “A Whole Lot of Rot,” will detail Professor Black’s evil new plans, and the clever response of the Toothfaireez who beat him at his own game.